Thursday, September 26, 2013


 Definitely a BIG miss for me for these sneaker wedges. Want the height - wear heels. Want the comfort - wear flats or normal sneakers. I have to confess that there was at one point when I look at them & thought, Should I buy one of these? Maybe they're cool?  Maybe I can wear it right? Are you sure they're  lots of celebs are wearing them? But every time, the answers was NO, NO, NO and NO. They look hideous. Just the same as how I feel about Uggs (in public) & Crocs (anywhere!). Oh well, unless you're a 10 yrs old or were Kate Moss!

Be Peachy. Be Glamorous. Be You.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


If you like watching beauty videos on youtube, you probably know who BubzBeauty or Bubbi is. She has that pearly white skin & cute innocent look that most Asian girls are dying to have. Well, I've only watched a few of her videos, mostly makeup tutorials & beauty tips. If you're into Asian beauty/fashion trends, you're gonna love her videos. 


Anyway, the other day I checked out her website & saw that she has an online store selling a small number of fashion & beauty items. I had my eyes on her makeup brushes but wanted to do a bit of research before I make a purchase. And guess what? A few days later, one of my favourite youtubers, Sam of Saaammage, uploaded a video reviewing these brushes. The review gave me more confident & I decided to get a few of them to try out.

I ordered 2 brushes: a HD Flawless Brush & a Dome Brush. It took 7 working days for the order to arrive (Hong Kong to NZ). They came in a small padded envelope with a postcard size note from Bubbi. Each brush comes in an individual clear plastic sleeve. The lovely black handle & a bright pink ferrule looks very pretty & girly. Love it!

HD Flawless Brush is made with synthetic bristles. It's very soft but dense which I think is great for applying cream & liquid products. I bought this brush specifically to use as a concealer brush under my eyes. I've tried it with  a cream (TheBalm Time Balm Concealer) & a liquid (MAC Select Moisturecover) concealer, and it works really well with both. The angled surface makes the blending very easy. The brush looks pretty small compare to my other foundation brushes but somehow it didn't take me any more time to apply my foundation than using the other ones.

Dome Brush has a tapered top & is made with natural bristles. It's medium size, in between powder brush & blush brush. This soft & fluffy brush is to use with loose or pressed powder by tapping the product on the skin to set the makeup. The pointed top fits just right under the cheek bones which makes it perfect as a contour brush.

"Always wash your new makeup brush(es) before the 1st use"

"So I did!"

During the first wash, Both brushes didn't have colour-bleeding when washed. However, Dome Brush had a few shredded bristles (None for the HD Flawless Brush) but it hasn't shredded any since. I think they were just some loose bristles, nothing's major. 

Be Peachy. Be Glamorous. Be You.