Sunday, November 27, 2011

Who Wants To Be a MISSHA's Reviewer?

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Hara from Missha New Zealand asking if I would like to participate in their "Who Wants To Be Missha Reviewer" programme. Well, why wouldn't I? Trying out new products is what I'm enjoyed doing especially if I can get my hands on some free samples.

OK, here's some information about this programme. It was started in mid-November when whoever wants to participate has to leave a comment on Missha NZ Facebook page. They will send out some samples for you to try for 5 days. After using the samples, leave your most honest review on their Facebook page.

My sample package turned up within a few working days after I told Hara I wanted to join the programme. In the package, I've received 4 x Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Melting Rich Mask Cream (wow! that was a mouth full), 1 x Pure Revolution Excellent Exfoliater and 1 x information pamphlet. I'm not sure whether it was a mistake that there's only 4 of the Mask Cream. I thought I was supposed to receive 5 samples of the same product to try. On all the samples, there's no descriptions in English apart from the name of the product. I had to look on thier website for the "How To Use".

The first 4 days I used Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Melting Rich Mask Cream. On the info pamphlet, it claims to nourishing, revitalizing, preventing wrinkles & loss of elasticity, and improving skin dullness & dryness. This cream has a white thick (almost solid) creamy consistency which makes me feel like it will be too heavy for my skin. I don't normally purchase a night cream (or any facial cream) that I feel it's too heavy for my face. However, after I rubbed the cream between my palms, the cream becomes lighter, smoother & easier to work with. The word "melting" from the name is there for a reason as the texture of the cream is melted when contacts with skin temperature.

It has a sweet floral scent which is not overpowering. I tend to be quite fussy about the scent of anything I use. But, to me, the scent of this cream is very pleasant. I  massaged the cream all over my face & neck for about 1 minute until I felt the cream starting to absorb into my skin.Then I padded the cream onto my skin as directed on the website. The cream felt thick & greasy on my face. After 5 minutes, it started to sink in & felt a lot less greasy. After 10 minutes, I could feel the cream became a thin layer which shielded my skin and would help stop the skin from losing its moisture, which I really like. 

MISSHA Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Melting Rich Mask Cream

After 4 nights of using the samples (I assumed that this product is to be used at night as the name says Rich Mask Cream), I don't see any dramatic change on my skin. I believe that it would need at least 10 days for any skincare product to really feel the difference (for my skin, anyway). Having said that, my face feels a lot softer but not much difference in term of anti-aging/wrinkles as it claims. 

On the 5th night, I used Pure Revolution Excellent Exfoliater. I have to say that I was very impressed with this product. This product has the same scent as the cream. It has tiny little beads to "remove dead skin cells & impurities in deep pores".  After I removed my makeup, I gently massaged it all over my face for about a minute or so, then rinsed off with warm water. I can actually see that my skin is brighter after using the product as all the dead skin was exfoliated away, and revealed a fresh new layer underneath. My skin felt very soft and it didn't leave the skin feels tight or dry. 

Well, I would definitely purchase Pure Revolution Excellent Exfoliater when I run out of my current facial scrubs (if not, very soon). As for Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Melting Rich Mask Cream, at a full price of NZ$95  I'm not sure if I would purchase it. I would probably spend a bit more and buy Lancome Visionnaire. I would have to say that a 7-10 day testing period would give a much better result on how effective the product is.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011


MAC Holiday 2011 Glitter and Ice  & Ice Parade was released in New Zealand on Monday 7th. I didn't wait long before hitting the store (early afternoon that day). I didn't think that I would end up buying anything. I looked at the collection earlier on Temptalia and nothing wow-ed me.


When I was the store, one of the bigger set caught my eyes as the colours in the eye/face palette is what I would normally wear. The Fabulously Festive Face Kit/Wintercool (NZ$142) comes with a Cremesheen Lipstick, a Lipglass, an eyeshadow/blush palette, 3 travel sized brushes and a clear plastic makeup case. I swatched the eye shadows and tried on the blush & the lipstick..and yes that voice in my head was telling me, "Nancy, you've got to have this set!!!"9


The palette comes in white sturdy plastic case with a mirror. It has a snow globe dome on the top which has sliver glitters inside. I think it's pretty cool. The 4 Eye shadows are on the top part which can be slide open for a blush underneath.

This palette is definitely not one of those palettes that everything inside is so tiny and you can't actually use them or they're not easy to get the products out. The total weight for 4 eye shadows in this palette is 6.4g, which is 1.6 g each. A MAC full-sized eye shadow has 1.5g. Let's think about it this way, MAC eyeshadow refill costs NZ$30 each, there's 4 of them here = NZ$120. This whole set is NZ$142. It's like buying the palette and half the Lipglass, and the rest you get them for FREE. What a bargain!!

The shades are (L-R, T-B) Phloof!, a shimmery beige. Brun, a chocolate brown with satin finish. Quarry, this is a tricky colour to describe. It's a mix of taupe, purple & brown. MAC describes it as "a soft muted plum-brown". Dance In The Dark, a satin dark brown. It's a  limited edition shade. All 4 colours work together very nicely. I have been using them a lot lately.

In natural light
With flash

Mocha is a matte pinky plum blush. The pigmentation is excellent. A little goes a long way.  Phloof!, Brun & Quarry eye shadows and Mocha Powder Blush are MAC permanent colours. So if you miss out this palette or if you don't like all the shades, you can buy them individually later.  

The three travel size brushes are 129SE, 266SE, and 275SE. 129 is a Powder/Blush Brush. 266 is a Small Angle Brush. 275 is a  Medium Angled Shading Brush. For those who are not familiar with MAC brushes, SE stands for Special Edition

I don't own many MAC brushes but I've noticed that these brushes are made in China not in France or Japan like MAC full size brushes. The SE brushes usually have shorter handle compare to normal size brush. Ideal for traveling or in your makeup case on-the-go.

These brushes have soft bristles but by touching the bristles, I think they are not as soft & good quality as the regular MAC brushes. They have clear silver glittery plastic handles with white imprint indicating the number of each brush. I haven't used the brushes yet. So I can't really say if they are good or bad.

As for the Hot gossip Lipstick, it comes in a white shinny plastic case. Cute! Just something different from the usual black MAC packaging. 

It's a Cremesheen plummy-mauve pink lipstick. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a little bit to bright for me. But when I actually put it on, it came out mid tone pink just slightly darker than my natural lip colour. It has a frosted finish but not too much. I like it a lot. If I want a bit of colour to brighten up my look, I just put a thin layer on. But this lipstick can be built up for a more intense colour.

I understand why MAC put this shade in the set. It goes well as a natural pink lip for a smokey look from the palette. And, as a bold pink statement lipstick when you use the eye shadows for a neutral look. 

With flash

In natural light

Emancipation Lipglass is a light pink with shimmer. Look very pretty in the tube. I did try it at the store. It looks really plae on my skin tone. I think it would look great on paler skin or for someone who really like a pale nude look on their lips. This Lipglass will give a good shine & will tone the brightness of Hot Gossip when wearing them together.

Since I'm not a big fan of any kind of lipglosses, I'm planning to put this up on an online auction. Better in the hand of someone who will use it rather than sitting boringly in my makeup drawer for the rest of its life. Also, it means more money in my pocket to buy more pretty stuff hehehehe

Here's an everyday look I created using the palette & the lipstick. 

Overall, this Holiday 2011 Exclusive Set is a great thing to grab if you're after an everyday makeup set or if you just start building up your makeup collection. NZ$142 seems a lot but I think it totally worth every cents. 

Thanks for checking out this review.

Ciao x x