Saturday, May 14, 2011


I bought these LUSH products in two separate occasions. First, I got a Bubblegum Lip Scrub & a Strawberry Feels Forever Message Bar. Then, I went back a couple of weeks ago and got a 100g. block of Trichomania Solid Shampoo.

Out of the 3, I think I like Trichomania Solid Shampoo the most. It smells of coconut with a little of vanilla at the background. Every time I visit LUSH store, I always walk pass this shampoo bars section as they don't seem to buy me the idea. I thought they were just blocks of soap like they have in the store. And, why would I want to wash my hair with soap?

I have to say that I was surprised by the way this product works on my hair. It lathers very well and I feel that it's gentle enough for my daily wash. Although, it leaves the squeaky clean feeling to my hair but it doesn't bother me. Others might find that this product a little bit too hush for their hair. I use hair products almost everyday. So personally, I like my hair to feel really clean after a wash. That way I know that there's no build-up.

However, I don't use this shampoo everyday. I feel that it makes my hair feeling too dry if I use it every single day. I usually switch between my Head & Shoulders and this. I have a very sensitive scalp & can't experience much on shampoo & conditioner. Everything I've tried gives me bad dandruff afterward. I was glad that this LUSH shampoo haven't given me any reaction .... yet! (Fingers cross)

On to this delicious Bubblegum Suagr Lip Scrub. This Lip Scrub comes in 3 flavours: Bubblegum, Mint Julip & Sweet Lip (Vanilla & Chocolate). I picked this one because I like the colour and the smell of it. The product does exactly what it says "Lip Scrub" and it's very good at that. I use this product about 2-3 times a week or whenever I can see those white dry skin appears on my lips. I also use this lip scrub for prepping your lips on the day I'm going to wear a nude lip.

I've seen people complain about this product being a rip-off. The reason is the ingredients which mainly are sugar and oil. Something that everyone usually has in the pantry but LUSH put them in a jar and sell them ridiculously overpriced for what it is. But hey, if you look at the ingredients and still buying it, so that's your choice and why complaining. On the other hand, if you see what's in there and didn't buy, but whinging about it. Why did you whinge about that, anyway?

Last item is Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar. The smell and the shape of this massage is what caught my eye. This soft sweet strawberry scent makes me smile everytime I rub in on my skin. It smells delicious. The shape fits my hand perfectly which makes it very easy to apply on my skin.  I use it as a body lotion after my night shower. I don't use this in the morning as I don't feel like wearing strawberry scent during the day. I prefer to have a scent from my perfume rather than from my body lotion. You know what I mean, right?

I keep my massage bar in the fridge as my apartment gets really warm during the day even in winter. I don't like picking up the bar and feel that it's already melted before I touch it. I like to warm the bar with my body heat by placing them between my palms to soften then rub the bar over my body. This way it glides on very easily and smoothly. It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling. After an hour or so, I notice that there's still a thin layer of the product on my body but I don't feel that it's there. I can tell that it will moisturise my skin for hours after I apply and all through the night. 

What LUSH products are you using at the moment (or in the past)? Please share it with me. I love it try out new things and your suggestions and advice are truly appreciated :) 

**ME & LUSH**

The strong scent from LUSH store used to irritate me. So I didn't like going in there very often. I never lasted long in the store as the smell made me headache. The only thing I've ever bought from LUSH was their Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (and I liked it a lot). I didn't find anything very special about their products apart from being fresh & natural. The packaging never buy me, plain black containers that look cheap never caught my attention. Well, things have changed over the years. I'm more toward natural ingredients these days. That's why I've started to get excited with LUSH again. So far I've been disappointed with any products I bought which is always a good start of a relationship with my skincare products :) 

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