Sunday, December 26, 2010


I've seen & listened to loads of reviews about Coastal Scent for quite some times. This is my first of its product. I'm not actually a fan of big palettes. It makes me feel bad when I go out and buy more eyeshadows after I just bought a big palette like this one. There's so many colours in a palette that makes me think I have all the colours I need. So why am I still buying more? Well, that's my silly reason for not liking any big palettes.

with natural light

Well, this palette gave me a different feeling! When I first saw it on emilynoel83 on Youtube, I thought if I gotta buy a Coastal Scents palette, this is the one to get. It has 36 eyeshadows (of course) but what special about it, is that the eyeshadows divided into 6 main colours: Neutrals/Browns, Yellow/Greens, Pinks, Blues, Greys/Black & Purples, and each group has 6 different shades.

The Neutrals/Browns

The Yellow/Greens

The Pinks(plus a matte black)

The Blues

The Greys (plus a shimmery black & a matte white)

The Purples

I like that the eyeshadows come in both matte and shimmery. All the colours have very good pigmentation. What I also like about this new 36 palette is the size of each eyeshadow. I bought one of the 88 palettes (not CS) off Trade Me (NZ's eBay) earlier this year but I didn't like it at all. I sold it on Trade Me a few week after I got it. Even though, the 88 palette have rather good pigmentation but each one of them is too small for my preference. This Coastal Scents 36 has a decent size for each shadow. I've also found that the 88 palette has a lot of fall-outs when I applied, but this 36 palette doesn't. Here are some of the swatches....

I haven't tried any of the colours on my regular working day yet. I only play with this palette. So I can't really tell much about what the staying power is like. So far, I like this palette a lot and I would recommend it anyone who wants to try Coastal Scents palette. 

The case

The packaging

 In natural light

with flash

I was worried about the palette get damaged during shipping (which happened when I ordered the 88 palette, 2 of the shadows got broken) Anyway, this 36 palette came very well-packed with a box twice its size & some giant bubble wraps. One thing that is a down side to this product is that it's quite hard to open. I have to really push/pull the lid to get it opened. Well, I'm definitely going to try more of Coastal Scents products in the future. Probably, I would try some of their makeup brushes, Hot Pots and Gel Liners. 

Thanks for dropping by :)

Friday, December 17, 2010


Recently, I've been having a pretty bad brittle fingernails. I think it's a result from wearing nail polish for a long period of time. I stopped to wear polish and only apply Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure on my bare nails. True to its name, it does work like a miracle (I will have a separate review for this product later on). 

Anyway, I felt strange not having nail polish on. So I decided to just put a little bit of colour on my nails without damaging them too much. That's what I came up with this easy french polish. 

I think that French Polish is a bridal thing but when I use colours other than white & pink. This simple nail style can turn into something funky, yet still have that sophisticate feel to it. I used Eyeko Indigo Polish for this look as I haven't tried it out since I got it a while back. Here's a list of the products I used:

 Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure

Missha French Nail Tip Liners

Eyeko Indigo Polish

Orly In A Snap, Quick-dry Top Coat

I applied Miracle Cure as my base coat. Leave this to dry completely. Best 15-20 minutes at least. If base coat is not completely dry, it can peel off when you remove the tip liners. I used Missha French Nail Tip Liner for a precise result. I got them from Missha Store for NZ$4. It has 3 different styles with 15 for each. Stick the liners wherever you prefer. I did mine for about 1/4 of a centimeter from the tip. Make sure to put them as flat as possible on the nails. I used my fingertip to help applying. You can use any colour your like for this look. I used Eyeko Indigo Polish, which a shimmery midnight blue. I applied 2 coats for a smooth & bold result. Wait 15-20 minutes for the tips to dry. I finished with Orly In a Snap as a top coat. Here I have an easy DIY Indigo French Nails :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I always keen to try out more Asian cosmetics. I've found that Asian skincare works better on my skin. So I believe that Asian beauty products especially skincare design/formulate to suit Asian skin. Like on my previous blog, I mentioned that my mom, my sister & me are Shiseido users. Of all the skincare I've tried, by far Shiseido (as well as ZA - a more affordable brand from Shiseido lap) is the winner for me. 

Anyway, let's talk about this haul. I walked pass Missha store (Queen street, Auckland) last week & saw that they were having a 25% off all cosmetics. So I decided to pop in for a quick look. Well, it turned out to be a 40 minutes stop. I tried loads of skincare & makeup. I like that the SA just left me alone. I don't like going to a makeup counter & a SA just keep following me like a shadow & gives a comment on everything I touch. I know you have to meet your weekly target but....give me a bit of space!

So, it came down to these 3 products that I picked. They're items that I'm running low of, or have been wanting to try, or want to try different brands. I bought a Perfect Brush Cleanser, a Signature Real Complete B.B Cream, and a Super-Extreme Waterproof Eyeliner.

My MAC Brush Cleanser was running out, so I thought I would give this Perfect Brush Cleanser a try as everything seemed to tick all the boxes :) It was half the price of MAC Cleanser & with more product in the bottle. MAC Brush Cleanser has 235ml & Missha Perfect Brush Cleanser has 250ml.

I like the scent of Missha Brush Cleanser. It smells fruity & quite mild, while MAC Brush Cleanser has a strong smell of alcohol. Other thing that I like about Missha Cleanser is that it has a list of all the ingredients but MAC hasn't. It also claims to contain botanical ingredients. I like natural ingredients :)

I used it once just to try how good it is. I was quite happy with the result. I used it the same as I normally do with MAC Cleanser. I prefer to use a spray bottle for brush cleanser but I just squeezed small amount straight from the bottle onto the brush when I used this. I cleansed the brush, I think, as good as MAC Cleanser! I also noticed that the bristles of the brush is very soft afterward. Another tick!  

On the label, it suggests to soak the brush in a bowl and to use circular drawing motion to cleanse off, then rinse off with water. I didn't follow any of these steps. I just put my brush over a paper towel & put the cleanser over and rubbed it back & forth like I always do. I think it works too.

Next item is Signature Real Complete B.B Cream. I got this in a small size 20g. I used to have Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream but I didn't enjoy using it. I found that the Perfect Cover was making my skin looked greyish, it didn't blend out very well on me & it made my skin look shinny/oily. However, I've found this Signature Real Complete B.B Cream works much better on my skin.

The SA told me that this product is water base & the Perfect Cover is oil base. So I guess that's why this formula works better on my skin. I have a very oily skin especially on my nose & above my upper lips. Most people told me I have combination skin but I think I have oily skin. It's just that one area is more oily than the other :P I don't usually have dry patches on my face. I only have them at the beginning of winter when I still use my Summer skincare routine when it's getting colder.

This shade of this B.B cream matches my skin pretty well. I'm a MAC NC30-35. FYI: For the swatch, The cream was applied on my arm which is lighter than my face. When it comes to coverage and staying power, I think this particular B.B cream doesn't do anything for me in term of coverage. It does make my skin looks smooth at the 1st few hours. However, it doesn't cover up any imperfections on my face. Once my face starts to produce more oil, it seemed to slip off my skin. So I have to have MAC Studio Fix with me for touching up. I've heard lots of people blame B.B cream for causing breakout, lucky me! I haven't had that problem after using it (yet).

Last item is, Missha Super-Extreme Waterproof Eyeliner. I got this in brown. I really like the packaging & the design of the liner. The pen has a sleek shinny pewter navy case with gold details. It's a retractable pencil with a sharpener hidden at the end. The look of it reminded me a bit of Hourglass eyeliner, only with different colour.

When I swatch this at the store, it took me a while to rub it off the back of my hand. So I thought it's going to stay pretty well on my eyes. I've been using Revlon ColorStay Eyeliners for a while and I really like them. Unlike in the US, Revlon in New Zealand is not a drugstore brand. It sells in department stores! I was in a search for eyeliners that have the same quality as Revlon liners.

I think this Missha Waterproof Eyeliner is by far the closest one I've found.  It's very creamy & goes on very smoothly on my lash lines. The colour is just the right shade for me, a dark chocolate brown. I has this eyeliner on my working day (8 hrs). It stayed on all day only faded a tiny bit, and it didn't smudge at all. 

So far, I'm very pleased with this purchase. All the 3 items for NZ$41. These days I found myself buy more & more of affordable Asian makeup & skincare. I think when it comes to makeup, high price doesn't always mean better quality. It's about trying new things and don't stick to the brands. Just my thought, anyway.

Hope you find this blog helpful :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I've been wanting to try brushes from Sigma Beauty for a while as I saw lots of good comments about them. Sigma used to have the same product numbers as MAC brushes but now they have their own numbers. I ordered it from their website. What attracted me to decide to try it was that I had a coupon code for a 10% discount. So, I said to myself "Discount? Great, It's time to try a Sigma brush. Let's make an order then!". They do ship internationally which is convenient for me. The brush costs US$14 with US$5.39 USPS First Class shipping to NZ. I got it for US$17.99 in total. Really good deal for a brush. 

The brush arrived last week. Exactly 10 days after I placed an order. I was happy with that cos, as you know, First Class Mail can take up to 6 weeks for the item to arrive. For just over a week....Perfect!

The brush was nicely packed. It came in a red see-thru drawstring bag, with a couple of brochures and a cleaning instruction card. Nice touch! It has a soft plastic sleeve on the handle and a bristle protector on the top (of course).

This F05 used to called SS109, which is equivalent to MAC 109. I always wanted to get a MAC 109 but because the cost is so dear at $95 in NZ. I kept waiting & waiting, couldn't make myself to buy a brush for such a high price.

Anyway, the brush is very soft and goes on smoothly on my skin. I would say it almost identical to MAC 109. Only that this brush is not as soft & fluffy as MAC, and the handle is a bit fatter. Other than that, I like it. It does its job, it's good quality and most importantly it's a fraction of a price of MAC brushes. What else could possibly be better than this? ummm....none!?! I use this brush as a blush brush, to contour my jawlines, to highlight my cheekbones & a bridge of my nose. I haven't tried using it as a foundation brush yet. I saw many people use it that way and swear to it. So I'll try soon but for now I'm happy using my hand as a foundation brush.

What I've noticed is that the bristles still fall off the brush after a few uses but it's stopped after a proper deep clean. I'm impressed with the Sigma brush I bought and I'm planning to get some more in the near future.  

By the way, I used the coupon code "ELLE" for a 10% discount. Click on a Sigma ad on my side bar & enjoy a good deal :D 

QUICK TIP: I use a MAC brush cleanser for between everyday use and do a deep clean once every 2 weeks (or weekly if I use my brushes heavily).

Friday, December 3, 2010


I had this blue eyes on the other day. It was a sunny breezy day. So I thought instead of wearing my normal brown/natural, I should put a bit of colours on my makeup to match the blue clear sky.

I used Urban Decay Primer Potion to prime my eye lids. As you all know, this process is important for eye makeup especially on a hot day, when makeup tends to slip off your face easily. Eye primer helps eyeshadow stay on longer & makes the colour more vibrant.

I used a light shimmery blue colour from my Coastal Scent Cool Palette from my inner corners & out to about 1/3 of the lids. Then I used MAC in Tilt on rest of my outer corner & blend the hush line of the 2 colours together.

I put dark charcoal blue from NYX I Dream of Antigua Palette on the outer v. To blend the hard edges on the outer corner, I used MAC Silver Ring. This added sparkles & brightened up the look. I also used Silver Ring on my tear ducts and on the 1/4 of my inner lower lash lines.

I don't like to line my waterlines & entire lower lash lines. So I only put on a soft line of the dark blue from NYX Palette on the outer corner of my lower lash lines. This made the eyes look bolder. For the eyeliner, I used Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencil in Midnight. I only put on thin lines as I don't want the look to be too dark. I set the liner with the same dark blue from NYX palette. This will help the lines last longer. 

I finished off with curling my lashes and put a black mascara. I used Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof. I put about 2-3 coats for mascara. 

Here's my tip, I don't normally apply eyeshadow higher than my eyelids when I use bright colours. I think keeping the bright colours within my lid area make the bright shadows more wearable.

Hope you like this look :) 

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I got these Skin Food nail polishes off Trade Me (NZ's version of ebay) a while ago. I got 3 of them for a good deal of $8. I got a yellow with glitters, a bright pink with shimmer and a dark pink with glitters. They don't have any names or colour codes on the bottles. So, I don't really know what the shades are.

Today, I have on the dark pink on my nails. I really like this colour when I saw it in a bottle. It's not a usual pink that I can see in a store. It's a dark pink (or magenta?) with loads of giltters. It has a blue undertone. When I apply it on, I can see pink & blue glitters. So pretty. Pink polish with gillters, boring! But the blue gives an interesting look to this polish. It looks more fun & puts a lot of shine into the colour.

I put 3 coats to get a smooth finish. I could do with just one coat but the colour appeared too sheer for me. I think 3 coats give it a true colour like what's in the bottle.

with flash

The texture is quite thick but not streaky. I think I can smell strawberry but not so sure. Maybe the colour makes me imagine the smell LOL! This is a very buildable polish. You do as sheer or as bold as you wish. Just keep applying more layers to achieve the colour you like. 

It looks like a light pink in this pic but the colour on my nails actually looks like the picture with a flash. I was enjoyed putting this Skin Food Nail Polish on. i actually have the bright pink on my toes right now. I didn't take any photos cos I've recently attacked by fleas. So I'm not very keen to post a picture of my polka dot feet hahahaha 

Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on more good deals for this brand on Trade Me. Hoping to find more good items from this Singaporean cosmetic brand.